our mission

Revive is reinventing the the way resources are being used with the ultimate goal of reaching sustainability at a global scale.


Because “OK” is not good enough for us, we take matters into our own hands.

Our ERP is completely built inhouse and runs on PHP 7.3  & Laravel 5.8.

The entire codebase is managed through our own GitLab Server and is deployed through Docker containers hosted on Digital Ocean. This allows us to be flexible and scalable at all times.
Our Backend System synchronizes over 10.000 product-listings on over 12 different platforms like eBay, Amazon & co. within seconds.

Our goal is to perfectionate our internal processes to enable our upcoming growth from a technological standpoint. On this way we always give 110%, 100% for our customers and 10% for charity, because true sustainability is only reached with full commitment.

We want you for our – currently still – small dev-team.
That is why you have the ability to quickly bring ideas to life.

Sounds interesting? Let’s go!

about the job

You like to work in a specialized team and want to bring your own ideas to the table?

Your goal is to write scalable software with a sense for performance and security?
You like to experiment with new technology and question the status quo?
You solve problems in an innovative and fast way without losing sight of maintainability?

So join us on our mission to revolutionize the used-furniture industry with new ideas and technology.

We look forward to you!

Meet Sebastian, our Lead Developer

Sebastian is working with us for over 3 years now and has built most of our backend infrastructure.


the benefits

We know that our happiest customer is only ever as happy as our happiest employee. (Simon Sinek)
That’s why we try to build a working environment in which people can strive instead of running on the clock.

We offer

  • free working hours, you know best when you are the most productive
  • free lunch every day
  • flexible home office days
  • an unlimited vacation policy
  • equipment that you need to do your job best
  • a highly motivated and skilled team
  • work inhouse in cologne Germany or remote

about the company

Since 2015 we have taken on the challenge to change how people think about their interior and living space. We have developed a revolutionary concept that let’s us sell high-quality designer furniture at an astonishing price. On this journey sustainability is our driving force and guidance, because with our professional upholstery we revive used-furniture back to life.

Since the beginning we made the decision to give away 10% of our annual net profits to charity.

These are a couple milestones we achieved since then:

  • from 2 sofas in a single garage 2015 to almost 3 million euro sales in 2018.
  • over 25 employees that give their best on a daily basis
  • over 50.000 euro donated in sum of donation of money and goods
  • our own internal logistics system, that drives around the earth every month
  • what’s next?

We share a common goal: Giving as many people as possible access to great design – without mass production. In doing so we leave our comfort-zone every day and try to reach for the stars. We appreciate our environment, that’s why we strongly keep our goal that is sustainable and only works with used-furniture.


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